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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Aray Associates, excellence in management and good corporate governance are fundamental values for us. Therefore, we commit ourselves every morning to develop our activity in a socially responsible and sustainable manner. Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is consistent and respectful of our principles of action and the rest of the policies and regulations developed by the Firm, which incorporate the values that must be observed in both internal and external professional relationships with clients, partners, and other stakeholders in the areas in which we operate. This Policy is developed and complemented by a strict Code of Ethics and clear principles of action, as well as adherence to international initiatives in the field of corporate social responsibility.

business transparency

Aray places its customers at the center of its activity and, as a result, works to create value for both them and the environment in which it operates. In all relationships with customers, Aray acts with honesty and professional responsibility, always working with a customer-focused approach, a long-term vision and the desire to maintain their trust at all times.

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Social conscience

Aray is a faithful collaborator in actions that support assistance to companies and individuals who have found themselves out of the labor market and are seeking reintegration, to those who seek conflict resolution but do not have the means to do so, as well as advice to non-profit organizations through the Pro Bono foundation.

Respect for human and worker rights

The professionals at Aray are its main asset, and their success depends on the sustainability, social and economic effectiveness of the organization. That is why we promote labor reconciliation policies by implementing a rational use of time and flexible work.

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Impact of activities on the environment.

Aray bases its business management, projects, products and services on respect and protection of the environment, committing itself to preserving the environment and respecting the current laws and regulations on the matter.

Respect for the principle of equality and inclusion

Equal opportunities are part of our identity. We actively promote effective equality between women and men in all areas and work groups and prevent any manifestation of discrimination.

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