Our History

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Our beginnings

We launched our first draft as a Law Firm in 2005 and it was widely supported by many professionals who still accompany us today. Their trust has guided us this far.

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Gaining Experience

The founders of Aray work as directors in diverse sectors such as business, banking, energy, and public institutions such as the Opposition courts of the Region of Murcia and the Provincial Audience of Elche.

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Launch and First Headquarters

In 2012, Aray opened its first office in the stately Casa Lamaignere building in Alicante, one of the most emblematic in this Spanish city. The inaugural event was attended by the highest personalities of the Alicante society.

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Consolidation and new headquarters

In 2015, Aray consolidates its position in the field of corporate, international and immigration law. This leads to the move to the most emblematic building in the city of Alicante, Casa Carbonell, with two new offices and over 400 meters of facilities.

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International Takeoff

Aray successfully launches its international projects by officially opening its delegations in Shanghai, Beijing, and Oran, while deploying an ambitious local strategy by opening a delegation in Madrid's Crystal Tower and consolidating its offices in Murcia, Barcelona, and Valencia.

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We celebrate our tenth anniversary surrounded by clients, friends and personalities.

Barcala: "Today I can say that it is a prestigious law firm not only for the legal profession but also for the city of Alicante"

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Current events - New challenges

The future of the company lies in three objectives: internationalization, digitalization of its systems, and the signing of new strategic alliances to improve Aray's international positioning, highlighting here the agreements reached with the Hebei Bar Association in China and the Oran Bar Association in Algeria.

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