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“Salary opt out”, measures of job maintenance.

The “salary opto ut” refers the extraordinary measure that permit the business man, after a process of consultation, apply conditions other than those are contained in the collective agreement. The “salary opt out” may be motivated from various causes, as technical, organizational, productive and economics, being the last one the biggest reason of it.

It is appropriate to implement the measure when the economic situation of the company falls, and even if it is expected to decrease. If we are in the last situation, the measure is called “prevention salary opt out”. In order to apply this measure is necessary prove the economic situation, providing supporting documents of it. We also need to inform the workers’ representatives of the changes that are to be taken in the company.

After that, a consultation period will be open for 15 days, and the company has to expose workers’ different changes, and hows it will affect them. 

Therefore, “salary opto ut” is one of the most convenient measures that business man has in crisis time for the business sustainability, and also for the job maintenance.

Thus, provided that “salary opt ut” is justified, real and necessary for the job maintenance and for the continuity of the company 


Author. Jesica Martinez Abril (Labour Area)