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Pay taxes also have benefits. If you don't believe it, this article is for you…

Everybody knows that the crisis situation in the country, and to the tax obligations, diminish the ability to obtain economic benefits of our activity, hindering its development. For this reason, we might consider attending illegal practices and to the tax fraud, but, as tempting as it may seem, it necessary to review the benefits we can get both personally and for our company.

All that is outside legality is something that, in the long term, doing us more harm than good. Thus, one of the main points we have to consider before set aside our tax obligations for the Agencia Tributaria are the damage that these actions can cause, because of the legal and financial difficulties that we can suffer.  

In addition, is good to know the different options we have in order to decrease the amount of taxes that we have to pay, without neglecting the legality, because there are several options that the Agencia Tributaria provides to adjust the amounts in response to profits.

On the other hand, if we focus on the positive side of being within the law, submitting complete and timely of our tax returns can provide us several benefits in order to obtain financing for our business projects.

It is clear that, nowadays, is not easy to get a loan from credit institutions which can be useful or necessary for our economic goals. These institutions usually provide loans to persons or companies who, for many years, have obtained enough benefits to guarantee the repayment of loans. Thus, declaring the corresponding taxes in good time and in an appropriate manner, show a true economic capacity that you cannot get with tax fraud. 

Besides this, we must assess the convenience of filing taxes on time, because this will be the best way to demonstrate our solvency.

For all of these reasons, we can consider that, acting according to law and paying our taxes, is the most beneficial way for the growth of our company, and it provide more benefits than tax fraud.


Author. Rúben Llorente Ortuño (Legal Area)